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3027-4, Yufuinchokawakami, Yufu-shi, Oita
TEL. 0120-533-781
FAX. 0977-84-3934

1.Sightseeing souvenir synthesis wholesale
2.Pickle, foods boiled down in soy, miso, confectionery
4.Alcoholic beverages retail sale
Morning fog and the rich hot spring town, the Yufuin Basin which open calmly in the foot of beautiful Yufudake.
The murmuring of the brook, a way, the hansom of the stone pavement stride along a town and show simple scenery at a throat.
I wait in many souvenirs and local cooking of real stone mill soba, Oita conveying a memory of such Yufuin. Please drop in casually.

Natural foods, health food

Seven Termeric & fields three

It is recommended for much acquaintance.

Product explanation
I drink before drinking.
I drink if I drink.

★Because it is a tablet, it is easy to drink and can drink without minding it successively every day.
It is the supplement which mixed Chinese field seven carrot from Yunnan with Japanese representative health food "spring ukon".

About a product
[capacity] Entering *280 tablet of 250 mg
■How to drink
Please have it using a 5~6 lock a day as an indication.
I use the firefighting team of Yufuin habitually.

Black sesame soybean flour

The healthy first!

Product explanation
I have abundant calcium, iron.
Please can help an everyday health structure.

About a product
[capacity] I use 400 g of domestic production soybeans
The sesame is a treasure house of protein and calcium. I clean the this strike roll and fix the balance of the body, and there is work to prevent aging.
As for the soybean flour, as for high quality protein and calcium, iron content, vitamin B1, dietary fiber are included in richness from the start. In addition, it features good digestion.

[call way of rising of]
A soybean flour milk drink, soybean flour yogurt are recommended. A glass can swallow up two cups of tablespoons, murinaku.

Brown sugar ginger hot water powder

Use of all domestic raw materials

Product explanation
Use of domestic ginger.

All the brown sugar is use of Okinawa product.

About a product
[capacity] For approximately 12 cups of 230 g
[call way of rising of]
You put tablespoon 1~2 cup (approximately 18 g) in the container and pour approximately 100 ml of boiling water, and please have it after stirring it well.

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