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3027-4, Yufuinchokawakami, Yufu-shi, Oita
TEL. 0120-533-781
FAX. 0977-84-3934

1.Sightseeing souvenir synthesis wholesale
2.Pickle, foods boiled down in soy, miso, confectionery
4.Alcoholic beverages retail sale
Morning fog and the rich hot spring town, the Yufuin Basin which open calmly in the foot of beautiful Yufudake.
The murmuring of the brook, a way, the hansom of the stone pavement stride along a town and show simple scenery at a throat.
I wait in many souvenirs and local cooking of real stone mill soba, Oita conveying a memory of such Yufuin. Please drop in casually.

For a swing

You wave Bungo cow, and write it

Please enjoy a high-quality fragrance of the meat.

Product explanation
For the original swing that the beef of 100% of Bungo cows from Oita was contained in.
You sprinkle it on hot rice, and please have it.

About a product
[raw materials name] Sesame, potato, grape sugar, starch, sugar, salt, soy sauce, dextrin, beef oil, onion powder, beef (Bungo cow), beef flavor seasoning, egg yolk, powdery soy sauce, dried bonito, fermentation seasoning, vegetables extract powder, spice, processing starch, seasoning (amino acids), coloring agent (caramel, carotenoid, rack), shellfish Ca, glycerin, sweetener (Glycyrrhiza, stevia, acesulfame K), vitamin B1, antioxidant (V.E), fragrance (in a part of the raw materials containing milk, wheat, chicken, pork, gelatin)
[capacity] 90 g
[peak condition period] 240 days

※I display solid ID number of relief, the security beef.

You wave a large root and leaf, and write it

It is extreme popularity with saltiness plainly.

Product explanation
The making of health is possible by an everyday meal easily. Please enjoy it from a child in whole family. Saltiness is a taste secret plainly. To hot rice, it is ... to porridge of rice and vegetables again. In addition, how about arranging it in various ways?

About a product
[capacity] 70 g 
[raw materials] Leaf, salt, glucose of the Japanese radish
On the leaf of the Japanese radish, carotene, vitamin C, B group calcium, iron, dietary fiber prevent geriatric diseases with richness and prevent the aging of skin and the mucous membrane. In addition, I bake it and take improvement of the constipation as there are many fibers.

For the swing of irikoto small prawns

A lot of calcium, iron!

Product explanation
The healthy first!
Do you do it in cuttlefishs for the very nutritious "swing of irikoto small prawns?"
I do not use the scientific seasoning.

About a product
[capacity] 65 g
[main material] Domestic noiriko, net prawns, paste, sesame

Nourishment ingredient list (per 100 g)
Energy 381kcal
36.3 g of protein
10.2 g of nature
36 g of carbohydrates
3.5 g of sodium
506 mg of calcium
7.5 mg of iron

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