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3027-4, Yufuinchokawakami, Yufu-shi, Oita
TEL. 0120-533-781
FAX. 0977-84-3934

1.Sightseeing souvenir synthesis wholesale
2.Pickle, foods boiled down in soy, miso, confectionery
4.Alcoholic beverages retail sale
Morning fog and the rich hot spring town, the Yufuin Basin which open calmly in the foot of beautiful Yufudake.
The murmuring of the brook, a way, the hansom of the stone pavement stride along a town and show simple scenery at a throat.
I wait in many souvenirs and local cooking of real stone mill soba, Oita conveying a memory of such Yufuin. Please drop in casually.


The black soybean tea which I can just eat after having had tea

By this volume, it is at this price!

Product explanation
According to the name, it is the black soybean tea which I can just eat.
The raw materials were particular about domestic production.
After having had tea, I can just eat it. But it is delicious even if a bag nominates you and just eats.

About a product
[capacity] 250 g

Of the delicious black soybean tea to eat that ~ is delicious have it; one ~

(1) [tea]
You classify favorite quantity into a teapot and pour boiling water, and please have it as a tea break.

(2) [tea cake]
You sprinkle salt on a bean after having given tea a little, and please just have it.

I wash (3) same bean in water and cook it with rice and am finished the black soybean rice. It is OK even if I use the bean after having given tea.

Shiitake tea (canned)

The fragrance of the shiitake may take it.

Product explanation
This shiitake tea is drinkable for the sense such as the soup of the shiitake.

I give the shiitake tea free at the time of the arrival of the visitor at a hotel of Yufuin and am the product which reputation has very good.

About a product
■Way of rising of to call it
I pour shiitake tea (adequately) only into the bath. It is the completion of "the shiitake tea" which is delicious if you may pour hot water next and stir it. Please have it by all means.

[capacity] Entering canned 90 g

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