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3027-4, Yufuinchokawakami, Yufu-shi, Oita
TEL. 0120-533-781
FAX. 0977-84-3934

1.Sightseeing souvenir synthesis wholesale
2.Pickle, foods boiled down in soy, miso, confectionery
4.Alcoholic beverages retail sale
Morning fog and the rich hot spring town, the Yufuin Basin which open calmly in the foot of beautiful Yufudake.
The murmuring of the brook, a way, the hansom of the stone pavement stride along a town and show simple scenery at a throat.
I wait in many souvenirs and local cooking of real stone mill soba, Oita conveying a memory of such Yufuin. Please drop in casually.

Domestic straight honey

Domestic pure straight honey (lotus flower honey)

It is the lotus flower honey which is precious in domestic honey.

Product explanation
The honey does not gain weight unlike sugar! I am known as diet food, a health supplement. Not only I rank bread, but also am available to dishes. Of course it is OK even if I just eat.

About a product
[capacity] 300 g
[raw materials name] Domestic honey
[peak condition period] Two years

※The honey does not heat it at high temperature to make use of a flavor of nature. Please do not give a baby having weak stomach younger than one year it.

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