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3027-4, Yufuinchokawakami, Yufu-shi, Oita
TEL. 0120-533-781
FAX. 0977-84-3934

1.Sightseeing souvenir synthesis wholesale
2.Pickle, foods boiled down in soy, miso, confectionery
4.Alcoholic beverages retail sale
Morning fog and the rich hot spring town, the Yufuin Basin which open calmly in the foot of beautiful Yufudake.
The murmuring of the brook, a way, the hansom of the stone pavement stride along a town and show simple scenery at a throat.
I wait in many souvenirs and local cooking of real stone mill soba, Oita conveying a memory of such Yufuin. Please drop in casually.

Delicious foods boiled down in soy

A mother comes; a jellyfish

Harmony is really delicious!

Product explanation
■I am seized with the impulse that a feeling of petit Putsch spreads to fill the mouth, and wants to stuff its mouth with rice unintentionally. Even several cups seem to be good.

Of the constant seller came, and mixed spawn in the jellyfish boiled in soy. The petit petit texture that I did and the harmony which the salty-sweet soy sauce may take are really delicious.

About a product
[capacity] 160 g
[raw materials name] Come; jellyfish, protein hydrolysate, sugar, spawn, fruit, soy sauce, salt, Sorbit, seasoning (amino acids), fragrance, preservative (sorbic acid K), acidulant, sweetener (stevia) of the perilla, metaphosphoric acid NA (in a part of the raw materials including the wheat)
[preservation method] You avoid direct rays of the sun, and please save it in a cool and dark space. After opening, please have it early.
[peak condition period] 180 days

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